Netobjects rediscovered. The Internet of Things has a history in interactive media

In the beginning of 2000 Victor Vina and Hector Serano made an umbrella that responded to online input. It opened with the weather turning for worse, so you knew it would be raining. Victor an Hector called them Netobjects. John Cris Jones, Softopia (UK) wrote about  them: 'the new in the old' (December 2, 2003)

'but the surprise is to find these new things,
computer presences
inside the structures of things very old
the things you find in fairy tales

this is something I did not expect in my 50 years acquaintance with the presence of computing and the expectation of a magic that is both rational and new '

Some ten years later, in 2012,  the same sense of surprise and wonder is voiced by Simon Hilliard: What do you get when you combine the Internet of Things and Social Media? A light bulb turning on and off – wow!:

"If I were to name two things that are talked about a lot online, it’s social media and the Internet of Things. They’re both awesome, of course, but an example of their combined power appeared online yesterday that fired one’s imagination.

internet of things social media light bulb

Zach Seward, a Mashable contributor and social media editor at soon-to-be-launched mobile business publication Quartz (that’s a mouthful), has hooked up an Internet connected light bulb to various online inputs. The result – every time someone mentions the @quartznews on Twitter, the light burns a little brighter. Whenever China wins an Olympic medal (note Seward is from the US) or Facebook’s share price drops below $20 the light goes out. "

Also in 2003 Jonah Brucker Cohen made a seminal piece: Alerting Infrastructure, foreshadowing what the digital would do to brick and mortar. Everytime you get a hit on your page, a jackhammer starts to work on your wall.

Interested? check out the work that came out of RCA, Media Lab Europe, and Ivrea.


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