Naveen Josh: The Internet of Things in Sports

The developments in the internet of things (IoT) are already building smart cities and governments. But, the presence of IoT in sports has led to the creation of innovative applications that would revolutionize the entire industry.

Several business experts have predicted that the introduction of technology is changing the landscape of our businesses. Plus, modern technologies are transforming our workplaces into increasingly efficient spaces that deliver better services and products. Similarly, advanced technologies are making their way into the sports sector. Microsoft is building smart cricket bats for Anil Kumble’s sports technology company, Spektacom in India. Anil Kumble is officially calling the IoT-powered bat as a power bat which includes a 5-gram sticker that will be attached to the bat to deliver analytics for insights into a cricketer’s batting style. The sensors will measure parameters such as impact, angle, distance, thrust, and swing speed.

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