Nathalie Stembert: Co-create The Internet of Things: short report from Level Up Conference Tunis

Mobile and sensor technologies offer great opportunities, yet making these means work for social innovation is not self-evident. Therefore we believe in co-creating meaningful solutions by facilitating people centered workshops. In these workshops we focus initially on people instead of technology to shape innovative social interactions.
In the workshop held during the Level Up Conference participants identified several use cases and mapped how technology could be applied as a facilitating means for the realization of one of these use cases. In the search for social innovation they discussed the barriers and incentives for people to participate in the created use cases. Moreover they uncovered people their ability and willingness to use mobile devices for these purposes. The workshop was concluded with an ethical discussion on positive and negative values related to the co-created solution.
Co-create the Internet of Things
Level Up Conference Tunis
Workshop facilitator - Nathalie Stembert
+/- 30 participants, 4 groups of 7 participants, 2 translators.


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