Natalia Kogan: Exploratory research on success factors and challenges of Smart City Projects

"As urbanization and its consequences become the issue of modern cities, the concept of Smart City comes as the solution. Though a lot of research on the topic has been done, still no clear definition is given for both: Smart City itself and the factors of a successful Smart City. While most of the literature centers the role of ICT it is not a sufficient condition for a city to become Smart; the role of intellectual capital is underestimated. Using a collection of Smart City definitions across the time and providing concrete cases, this research seeks to bridge definition gaps and creates a tool for understanding Smart Cities. Drawing on the findings of several case studies, this research derives several explanatory factors.
As the research proceeds with 3 general parts each has a certain purpose as follows:

  • 1. To bridge definition gaps of the “Smart City” by defining the term “Smart City”, based on existing concepts and characteristic mechanisms across times.
2. To develop an analytical tool for Smart City success factors through Explanatory Variables

  • 3. To identify major challenges and barriers of Smart City Projects implementations and to provide recommendations and solutions, based on existing governmental initiatives and pilot projects.

Considering the results of the Multidimensional Smart City Values Analysis the research derives that Citizens Engagement and Governance of the city is important. Based on this, we derive some strategic implications about the successful implementation of a Smart City Project.”
Download the full paper below.
Exploratory research on success factors and challenges of Smart City Projects
Natalia Kogan
Department of Business Administration Graduate School
Kyung Hee University
Seoul, Korea
February, 2014
Advised by
Dr. Kyoung Jun Lee
Submitted to the Department of Business Administration And the Faculty of the Graduate School of Kyung Hee University in partial fulfillment
of the requirements for degree of
Master of Science
Dissertation Committee:
Chairman: Yung Ho Suh Jae Hong Park
Kyoung Jun Lee

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