Natacha Roussel: The Internet of Open Stuff (Paris, OWF, October 11-13)

21/08/2012 - 23:24

The Internet of Open Stuff: When artists as Konstantin Schmoelzer who uses his daily life on internet as a creative material, stands front with activists and engaged political like Amelia Andersdotter who daily defends privacy and open soucre issues at the european parliament, Council practically tackles issues of personnal connectivity. Industry people joign the thinktank grounding our thoughts by proposing concrete situation, Stefan Ferber experiences the real life issues in the production of Bosch's mobile solutions, Alicia Asin, pragmatically puts the richness of her theoretical economical and legislative knowledge to the service of production using new open source hardware possibilities, and Hans Juergen Kugler leads consultancy in the domain. Alex Bassi is Technical Coordinator of IoT-A.Therefore the Council panel aims to reflect this wideness of thoughts anchoring our desire to overcome discourses and find ways to use the new agency given by the wide distribution of personnal devices autonomously connecting to the network, considering the actual individual possibility to generate and exchange all data, wether personal or public as a great source of creativity and agency.

all speakers have confirmed

moderated by Natacha Roussel and Rob van Kranenburg (Stakeholder Coordinator of IoT-A)

at Open World Forum Partis, October 11-13