Naman Muley: The Internet of things: Literally reinventing the wheel

Source: „The computers are breeding. Little computers serving different purposes are invented every year. First, the computers became small enough to be held in palms and laps, and then they entered into phones.  Thanks to Steve Jobs, a new branch of tablets have been added to the technological evolution tree. Samsung added the watch to the latest family of computing gadgets that are connected to the network.
Once the Internet was born, computers began evolving into other devices like smartphones and tablets. These were given access to the Internet too. Now, there is a different breed of devices that digital evolution has put forth, and they want in on the Internet.
Smart homes, smart cars and smart washing machines are taking over. Smart grids have small meters attached to electricity cables that measure usage in regular intervals and report this data back to electricity providers. Finer measurement and higher control on the grid allows for efficient relay of electricity along with higher resolution tariffs. Smart cars armed with their army of sensors will relay all sorts of measurements into the network for other cars to benefit from.”

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