Nagato Dharma: Locha Mesh — Send Bitcoin & Chat without Internet or Electricity

5/06/2020 - 08:13

Locha Mesh is a radio network for off-grid messaging and cryptocurrency transactions.

The world we live in today is interconnected thanks to the technological innovations of the last decades. Most people nowadays are online 24/7 and it’s getting harder and harder to imagine our lives without constant online communication. But what happens in the case of a power outage or when there’s no access to the internet?
Imagine a post-apocalyptic scenery where there’s no electricity or an event where the government shuts down the internet, like it did some months ago in Iran during the fuel protests, or in Egypt when they blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google during the 2011 Egyptian protests. In these cases, we’re left to wonder: What good is Bitcoin if the internet fails? How will people be able to share files and communicate?