MWC 16: The Internet of Things must not fall apart

The Internet of Things looms large, and estimates vary as to how much bigger it will get. But there are key concerns to be addressed, as Janelle Dumalaon reports from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ambling along the rows of devices, information booths and concession stands at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona makes for an interesting thought experiment: how exactly would this congress look like in an age of pervasive connectivity, where the so-called Internet of Things is no longer a topic on the agenda but a long accepted standard?
Would the shirt that you're wearing sense your hunger and activate map services to the nearby hotdog stand, which would then call over the paper waste basket once you've finished so that you can dispose of your wrapper? Ideally, it would also be able to tell your AR glasses where your next meeting is, which would then project a lighted path only you can see onto the congress grounds.

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