Mirko Ross: Move something that big would generate huge amounts of heat. Review on BOSCH connected experience, Berlin

First time BOSCH has invited Start Ups, Coders, Makers and BOSCH divisions on a two day Meet Up in Berlin: the BOSCH connected experience 2016.
It was inspiring to see a large enterprise opens up its mindset to the agile world of Start Ups and Coders.
Okay, sometimes it was a bit strange to see the BOSCH people wearing nerd styled printed T-Shirts – but well, that’s more pointed to BOSCH internal organization: people get off ties and suits – because you can disrupt, even if you only wear a t-shirt.
But more important than the dress code: a large organization is changing it mindsets towards disruptive business models in the Internet of Things. And I am curious to see, if  this big vessel BOSCH can keep direction until 2020. If they succeed BOSCH can become an important serious player in the IoT Game of Thrones with the dominating Corps as Amazon, Google and Alibaba.
Things I wish for the 2nd connected experience in 2017: engage more Start Ups to discuss their business with BOSCH. I believe both parties can get a better Win-Win learning from mice perspective and the view of the big Elephant.
In summary the 1st. connected experience by BOSCH was a brilliant kick off. Thanks for the Invitation and I am looking forward to attend in 2017.

Mirko Ross

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