Mirko Presser: An update of the Internet of Things Comic Book


Mirko Presser: "Launching the Internet of Things Comic Book in autumn 2011 was a bit hectic. And, we have not learnt our lesson. This second version, the special edition of the comic book was pretty much thought up two weeks after the launch of the comic book. It had such a fantastic reception from all sorts of directions that we could not resist thinking of a special edition.
Thank you very much for reading, sharing and talking about the comic book and the internet of things.
Now thinking up and thinking out the comic book are two different stories. Getting the content made, converting your ideas to something that works and then actually doing it always takes more time than you originally thought. But before I whine too much, we managed it, again.
And a big thank you goes to all the contributors, the production team, the interviewees and interviewer as well as all the readers that left comments on the web. So what is new? We added 3 more interviews, 5 more  illustrations from 3 new Internet of Things projects (IoTA, OUTSMART and SmartSantander), each has several new concepts attached – digging into the Internet of Things a little deeper. We updated the QR codes with new material from the web and we added some more information about several flagship European initiatives as well as Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for Digital Agenda, and Megan Richards also from the commission have gotten their own spotlight. Apart from that we made a major upgrade from the penny comic book paper to the premium glossy style of the special editions.
And we also give you now a clear message using the creative commons on how to use and share the Internet of Things Comic Book. I hope you will enjoy this version as much, if not more, as the last one. If you are a newcomer, all of the original comic book’s content is included here. And please keep it up – read, share, post to spread the message of the internet of things."

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