Mirko Presser: Real-Time IoT Stream Processing and Large-scale Data Analytics for Smart City Applications

Smart city data is big data. It is not only large in volume, it is multi modal, varies in quality, format, representation form and levels of dynamicity. The data needs to be processed, aggregated and higher-level abstractions need to be created from the data to make it suitable for the event processing, knowledge extractions and event processing applications that enable intelligent applications and services for smart city platforms. Data needs to be integrated from various domains and the resulting knowledge exposed to various domains in a federated fashion.

The CityPulse project kicked off its activities in Guildford this month to address these challenges. The project will approach this from 3 different angles (1) from the municipalities needs, (2) citizens wishes and (3) technologists dreams. If you are a city – get in touch to get involved. If you are a tinkerer – we want to hear from you – a design competition will be launched soon. And if you are a technologist – tell us what we are missing!"

contact: Mirko Presser <mirko.presser at alexandra.dk>

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