Mike Nelson: Stay Smarter Than Your Smart Home: 7 Ways to Protect Your Home and IoT Devices

3/09/2020 - 08:12

..."As someone who has spent over a decade in the IoT security space, I have seen many attacks and vulnerabilities affect the IoT devices in my life. Yet I don’t shy away from smart home devices. You shouldn’t have to either, if you take steps to secure them.

From smart thermostats to baby monitors, the devices in your home make life more convenient for you, but they also can expose you and your personal information to unwanted cyberattacks. Attacks range from downright creepy, like reports of hackers using baby monitors to spy on families, to financially risky, like the possibility of attackers stealing your personal information — credit card details, birth date, and even social security number — to life-threatening, like when medical devices or smart cars are compromised. Simply put, your personal information is vulnerable if it is being transmitted or stored on an IoT device without encryption. Does that mean you should avoid these devices entirely? Not necessarily."