Michelle Fitzsimmons: Razer CEO talks Nabu, the Internet of Things and making products for gamers

Source: „When Razer announced its Nabu smartband at CES 2014, a puzzled head scratch skipped from scalp to scalp. Or was it a twitch from wrist to wrist? Razer, best known for its gaming laptops and peripherals, has been working on Nabu for three and a half years. It may have come out of left field for some, but Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan sees Nabu as a natural progression for the company's product line.
We sat down with Tan at the Vegas show to get the low-down on the double-screened strap. He was running on two hours of sleep, but was as verbose and passionate about Razer's latest endeavor as ever.
Tan divulged that the prototype Nabu smartband will see some changes (as prototypes are wont to do) before public release. Namely, he wants it to rock a blockier, less sporty look - one that will mesh with someone wearing a suit, he said.”