Michele Nati: The third IoT Guildford meetup.

Three presentations from The third IoT Guildford meetup,  a fourth presentation is available at the following link.
Gregor Vučajnk is "an independent WLAN professional, a contractor. He specializes in Metro WiFi deployments and carrier WiFi but has extensive experience in verticals such as Enterprise, hospitality, high density deployments and government. He is vendor neutral and has experience with most WiFi vendors: Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus Wireless, Strix Systems, Bel Air, Ubiquity, Aerohive, etc.  While he enjoys all aspects of 802.11 implementation, his strongest part and passion is radio access network design."
Gregor tried to analyze why WiFi can represent an important technology to connect IoT device, although in practice the security mechanisms provided by the protocol are not adequate to simple and embedded devices.
OpenTRV sets out to make it easy to save lots of energy by not heating rooms that you’re not in, and by no longer trying to use a single thermostat to get your whole house comfortable. It is designed to be simple to (retro-)fit to existing UK housing stock with radiator central heating.
Mark ‚No Radiator left behindHill - presented his way to reduce energy consumption at home, by means of a smart device that is able to control temperature and radiator activity in each house room. Mark works has contractor in London but has passion for IoT. The solution he provides is very cheap and open source and can be realized at home, with a 3D printer. Commercial solution will be also available and earned money could be use to support community needs. Mark as well loves data protection and wants to empower user with control on their data. All the data needed to the system activity are kept and analyzed locally and shared if and only according to user policy.
EVRYTHNG makes products smart, interactive and trackable by connecting them to the Web. The Web is the global application integration platform.
Iker Larizgoitia presented a success story: the Evrythng view to connected objects. He explained how internet of things is evolved into the web of things, giving the possibility to enhance the experience that every customer can have with his favorite product, turning the IoT in a business for brand management followed by many big customer and the importance of which has been recently recognized by Cisco with a large investment of private funding backed to the company.
Todd O’Brien from Dell’s Centre for Entrepreneurs explained how the Open Interconnect Consortium intends to deliver a specification, an open source implementation, and a certification program for wirelessly connecting devices.  The first open source code will target the specific requirements for smart home and office solutions, with more use case scenarios to follow.
Tod mainly addressed security and privacy issues in IoT with a more interactive presentation that tried to leveraged attendants participation in order to understand in which IoT sector the main security and privacy problem will be face and solution should be provided. The crowd could interactively participate to the poll and some interesting thoughts have been reached.
Announcements were made for the next meetup, September 18th. The IoT Meetups in Ghent, Guildford, Santander, Novi Sad and Grenoble are part of Sociotal.
SOCIOTAL addresses a crucial next step in the transformation of an emerging business driven Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure into an all-inclusive one for the society by accelerating the creation of a socially aware citizen-centric Internet of Things. It will close the emerging gap between business centric IoT enterprise systems and citizen provided infrastructure

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