MEOH: The Future of Governance: A Choice and a Question

18/04/2019 - 13:45

Governance structures are experiencing increasing levels of stress inherent in a world that is evolving rapidly toward more complexity. They are compelled to adapt. In parallel, social media becomes a key new arena for influence. The trend is irreversible and governance structures will need to adapt too. Yet, online social platforms are ill-equipped to provide healthy debates and are needing to be redesigned with governance in mind. From there, we see two trends emerging. First, a centralized algorithmic governance with social media as an instrument of control. Second, an European declaration of intent which emphasises data ownership and sovereignty. In the wake of European ideals, we engage a discussion for distributed human governance that aligns with this intention. However, this theoretical model is challenging to current governance structures. More than a technical implementation, it is also a political choice and a philosophical question. Whatever the outcome, it is our belief that the future of governance lies in a human-computer interaction.