Melissa Tolentino: Smart World Weekly: Connected ski goggles, a bracelet that zaps and more

Source: „This week’s Smart World Series features smart skiing goggles, a classical conditioning method being applied to wearable tech, a report on the projected growth of the smart city market, and a new segment in SiliconANGLE’s Smart World Series for developers looking to automate the app-building process for the Internet of Things (IoT).
For those who missed this week’s Smart World Series, here’s a chance to catch up on the exciting developments in the connected world.  Each week, SiliconANGLE rounds up the top news trends regarding smart homes and cars, smart data centers and IT, smart infrastructure and all things related to IoT.
AR Devices LLC. has created a mount that easily snaps onto snow goggles for snow sport enthusiasts to track and analyze their performance.  Dubbed the GogglePal, it features a 6-axis gyroscope, long battery life and trail summaries, and it fits onto almost any pair snow goggles out in the market, minimizing the amount of gear needed to use this product.
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