Meet the Keynotes for Internet Of Things Philosophy, York

The Conference:  The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term used to describe a next step in the evolution of the Internet. While the first phase of the web can be thought of as a combination of an internet of hyper-text documents and an internet of applications (think blogs, online email, social sites, etc.), one of the next steps is an Internet of augmented ‘smart’ objects – or ‘things’ – being accessible to human beings and each other over network connections. This is the internet of Things.
The Speakers:
Dr. Alison Powel is a Lecturer at the Department of Media & Communications at the London School of Economics and Politcal Science: 
The internet of things promises to rationalize experience by collecting data from everyday objects, optimizing the delivery of services and eliminating the need for humans to interpret information. In theory this is meant to dis-intermediate the world and eliminate the kinds of exploitation based on inequalities in economic power….Reflecting on how cities are represented and networked, this keynote talk raises philosophical challenges for future considerations of power.
In July 2012 Dr. Gérald Santucci was appointed Head of the Unit Knowledge Sharing at the the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT).:
If we had to pick up one word to describe what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, it would certainly be "smart": smart objects, smart cities, smart living smart grids, smart health, smart transport… But if we keep the hype down, we may wish to ask some questions. What does "smart" imply in terms of societal challenges? What forms of governance are needed in such a "smart" environment? How does IoT affect and transform the relationship between humans and objects? What ethics do we need for designing and deploying smart connected objects? 
Bas Boorsma currently serves as director and specialist for of the Internet of Everything for Cities at Cisco Corporation: 
The next waves of global network build out will prove imperative to the ability to address the perfect storm of challenges that humanity currently faces – from climate change and rising sea levels to water distribution, energy and urban mobility: the Internet of Everything will prove vital. As we build this Internet of Everything, we have effectively commenced exporting the robust design of the internet to multiple layers & facets of human enterprise. …. We seem to leave that age of radical control. What will come its place? An age of radical trust or an age of social, cultural and psychological networked compliance? Will political philosophy move from utilitarian thinking to an age of personal growth? Will a singularity of technology, science, philosophy and an individual’s deepest values and beliefs emerge?

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