Matt Bernico: Anthropodicy: An Anarchism of Things


The future of anarchism is not in idealism or materialism, but is in realism.

Metaphysically speaking, human ownership is impossible; objects withdraw from us as well from one another ownership can only ever be for us and capitalism cannot function with such a weak metaphysics.

The decentering of the human subject demonstrates the illusory nature of property. Moving forward, an anarchism of things, rather than a parliament of things, is the opening of relations and communication between things through the increased mediation between actors. This sort of metaphysics necessitates a universal anarchism where things cannot be entirely grasped by human actors, or any actors for that matter. A new adventure is forged in the opening of this anarchism. Nothing can be left the same: all belonging, and the ‘for-us’ of things, has to be rethought, held weakly or clarified on the impossibility of access to the thing-in-itself.

Future political projects rely on establishing better and more vocal connections between actors, not a representative democratic institution, but a direct democracy through technical means.

From here, we join the affinity groups of glaciers, organize with air molecules and protest those digital apparatuses that keep us in debt.

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