Mark Roberti: Recognizing Kevin Ashton's Contributions to RFID Journal

Source: „I have been remiss. Kevin Ashton wrote his last column in the November/December issue of RFID Journal magazine, and I never publicly acknowledged his contribution. Shame on me.
Kevin contributed his first column in January 2004, titled "Time to Face Reality." He wrote that those promoting the Electronic Product Code were deemed "unrealistic." So-called "realists," he said, were just pessimists, and it was time to put aside biases against the new technology and take a more realistic approach.
His final column, "Street Smarts," was about how cities need to embrace the Internet of Things or risk being left behind. The column began: "In 1680, the City of London installed oil lamps on its streets. The lamps were left burning each night until midnight. The reduction in crime and the increase in nightlife were so great that after 1736, the lamps were kept lit until sunrise.””

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