Mark Roberti: The Best Retail RFID Deployment

It's difficult to compare deployments by different retailers, but Marks & Spencer is certainly a company that others should look to emulate.

Jan 15, 2018—A reader recently submitted this question to our Ask the Experts forum: "In your opinion, what has been the best rollout of RFID in retail, and why?" It's a great question, deserving of a full and complete answer, so I am addressing it in my weekly column, rather than in an a more abbreviated response on the forum.
Companies have different goals for their RFID project and different approaches to the market, so it's not easy to compare retail deployments. If one retailer is a low-cost provider and uses RFID to cut costs, while another is a high-end retailer that uses RFID to enhance the customer experience, how can you say one deployment is better than the other if they both achieve what they set out to do?

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