Mark Jones: Football Fans: Gotta know about chips inside NFL's new footballs

What we're talking about are coin-sized radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that are embedded into NFL footballs and players' equipment. The chips come from Zebra Technologies and provide fans with a plethora of statistics.

During every NFL game this season you have the opportunity to learn about intricate details like never before. For example, when a team simply punts the ball away you can find out who kicked it, the speed at which the ball traveled as well as the speed of the runner returning the kick.
In the past, if a team scored on a 65-yard touchdown pass, it would only say that in the box score. Now, with embedded chips, you can learn if the ball only traveled 15 yards in the air before being caught and the receiver had 50 yards-after-catch (YAC). It also provides data like rotation and speed of the ball during flight.

Who knows? This type of data could be incorporated into fantasy football in the near future.

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