Marion Moreau: Small Messages, Big Causes: The SIGFOX Foundation

SIGFOX, world’s leading provider of IoT connectivity, launches foundation to help people and support projects that are taking on global challenges
PARIS – Jan. 19, 2016 – SIGFOX co-founders Ludovic Le Moan and Christophe Fourtet today announced creation of the SIGFOX Foundation, established to bring the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) to nonprofit, humanitarian causes around the world. 
Structured around an endowment fund, the Paris-based foundation will support programs that are designed to protect people and the environment, improve health care and social ties, with the contribution of the company’s network and the best-associated resources.
The announcement coincides with the news that SIGFOX, the world leader in Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, has deployed its network at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station. The network in the world’s harshest climate was deployed to ensure the safety and security of the crew and its equipment during research operations at the Belgian government’s 2015-16 BELARE expedition.
This is the first time that IoT network coverage has been deployed on the continent, where electronic communication has been limited to short-range radio and satellite communication.
“The BELARE expedition is just one example of the many, many ways that SIGFOX can support programs that protect people and the environment, improve health care and establish social ties, with its network and the best associated resources from partnering with startups and device-makers,” said Le Moan, SIGFOX CEO.

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