Mariel Triggs and Matthew Rantanen: Closing the Homework Gap For Native American Tribes

15/07/2019 - 20:07

It all began with the Havasupai Tribe on their stunningly beautiful reservation in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park.

Like nearly two-thirds of people living on tribal lands in the US, the Havasupai had no access to high-speed internet.  When this access arrives, it typically starts with schools and other shared institutions. As more and more educational resources are digitized and homework assignments that utilize these resources are given more frequently, students without home broadband access are at an ever-increasing disadvantage known as the Homework Gap.

The Havasupai faced even a larger set of challenges.  With no high school on the reservation, families had the choice of stopping their childrens’ education after eighth grade or sending their children away to get even a high school degree.