@makepeaceglobal: Peace Walk

28/02/2016 - 16:59

100 miles 4 peace, and the peace walkway project is the simple vision I have had as an artist and sculptor to using old and new technologies to interconnect, enrich and touch peoples lives globally. It is a simple project, one hundred one mile long installations of 250 bronze plaques each in 100 different locations around the globe. Each mile long peace walkway would be it’s own Hollywood walk of fame but for Peacemakers, celebrating them and their accomplishments. A Free walkway App, then offers full bio’s for each peacemaker and the ability for anyone at one walkway location to connect to another a world away. The “Smart” App also has many more peace teaching, and making features also. Below are my artist’s renderings of what the project might become in various communities as a local, long term, community building, activity and attraction. The project is now seeking it’s 100 locations, as inquiries have begun to come in from around the world.