Louis Bedigian: From Test Tracks To Real Roads, How And When Will Autonomous Vehicles Get Here?

Several automakers promise to deploy autonomous vehicles within the next five years. At the same time, technology companies are pushing boundaries by testing their autonomous technologies (both hardware and software) on and off real roads.

Uber dominated headlines when it began testing autonomous Ford Fusions in Pittsburgh. The ride-hailing service was preceded by nuTonomy, a software company that began testing its autonomous fleet in Singapore last August. The company now plans to conduct public road tests in Boston. Uber has since – controversially – begun testing automated Volvos in California.

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The push for autonomous vehicles is often discussed in terms of a “race”, but as anyone in the industry knows, nothing will happen without sufficient testing and time! The article has been produced in association with the TU-Automotive Detroit 2017 Conference & Exhibition (June 7-8, Novi, MI), the annual meeting place for 3,000 auto-mobility influencers providing the best networking in the industry. The topic will be addressed in the conference rooms and the technology demonstrated on the expo floor so you can get hands on with the solutions you need.

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