Liu Xia and Richard O'Neill: AWS China exec: Cloud computing market full of opportunity

Alex Yung, corporate vice-president and managing director of AWS Greater China, is interviewed by China Daily on Nov 8 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. [Photo by Liu Xia/]

China's cloud computing market is still a blue ocean, full of opportunities everywhere, said Alex Yung, corporate vice-president and managing director of Amazon Web Service (AWS) Greater China.

"In China, all sectors of the national economy, including the internet of things, industrial internet, artificial intelligence, smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart transportation, autonomous driving and smart medical care, can improve efficiency, reduce costs and be accelerated through cloud computing, " Yung said during an interview with China Daily.

In terms of dealing with the competition in the cloud industry in China, Alex said that AWS's strategy is to focus on clients, meet their demands and bring new partners into their business so they adequately cater to different types of clients.

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