Lindsay: The Latest Topics Developers Are Reading

16/01/2020 - 13:33

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"What are the latest topics developers are reading? Some things change and others stay the same. When we looked at our data on what developers were reading in Q2, data and analytics, Jakarta, cloud-native, Kubernetes and Open Source topped the list.

In Q3 analytics (together with data) remained high on the list, but a few other topics emerged. The whole “shift left” movement is hot, as is security and anything related to “full stack”.

Here’s how we do the analysis. With 29 million unique readers every year, we decided to evaluate the data on from quarter to quarter. In this post, I’m also looking at Q1 to Q3.

Keep in mind the pageview comparisons provide insight into what developers are reading and interested in learning about. The tags used to collect our data are assigned by our editors and used to help readers search once they’re on our site. They aren’t keywords.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s trending right now.

The Latest Topics Developers Are Reading:

Data + Analytics = Popular Reading

This quarter, we saw significant growth in the following topics: “data analysis tools,” which grew by about 3343% from Q1 to Q3, “data application,” showing 37% growth from Q2 to Q3 and 950% from Q1 to Q3, and lastly “augmented analytics,” which grew by 21% from Q2 to Q3 and 1108% from Q1 to Q3."