Lauren Schiller: The Woman Who Co-founded Zipcar Is Now Building 'an Internet of Moving Things'

The sharing economy has changed the way we rent cars, and if Robin Chase has anything to say about it, it will soon change the way we use our phones and computers.

Chase, cofounder and former CEO of Zipcar, is credited with helping create this new business model, which has since spawned the likes of Uber and Airbnb. The Boston-based transportation entrepreneur is now applying some of the same principles that made her car-sharing company a success to data distribution using Veniam, which is creating what she calls “an Internet of moving things.”


“With mesh networking, we can leverage all of the wireless devices in the world to create among themselves a wireless Internet. We don’t have to pay to build new infrastructures. You’re using already built, already paid for, already existing infrastructures to create this wireless network.

A first step to that end is a company that I co-founded four years ago called Veniam, which is building that mesh network among vehicles in urban areas.”

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