Kurt Hozak and Olajumoke Awe: Finding the RFID Signal in the Noise

Jan 10, 2018—Realizing the full potential of RFID often requires going beyond using it simply as a means of fast data collection in otherwise unchanged processes (a "paving the cowpaths" approach). Higher return on investment is possible if RFID is used to facilitate enhanced or entirely new processes (see RFID Research Supports Real-World Experimentation).

In some cases, RFID directly integrates into how an activity is performed, but it's also possible to use data analytics with RFID to indirectly make operations and marketing improvements. Using insights gleaned from the data, predictions can be made about anything from customer and employee behavior to supply chain events—which, in turn, can lead to changed processes (see The Emerging Marketplace for RFID Data Analytics, or Finding a Needle in a Haystack and A Guide to RFID Analytics Software for Retail and CPG Companies).

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