Klint Finley: Headmap Manifesto was written by Ben Russell and published in 1999.

Klint Finley: He seems to have disappeared from the web around 2005. Tish Shute, covering the Where 2.0 and WhereCamp events in 2009, wrote a bit about the history of the modern geolocative technology movement, including the Geowanking mailing list and Headmap:

The prime mover of the Headmap manifesto, Ben Russell, has retired from the scene – perhaps bored by seeing a radical vision gone thoroughly mainstream, or exhausted by the rigors of carrying an idea through the early blue sky years, or just s simply doing something else? I don’t know.

RvK: Ben was far ahead of anyone. I remember being blown away by Headmap and his visit to us in Ghent.

Ben if you are reading this, get in touch.