Ken Sinclair : The importance of being part of and creating CoPs — Communities of Practice.

Sometimes while teaching we become the ones who are taught. From time to time we get reminded of our roots, and in a flash the building blocks of our industry's' composition and structure are laid bare.

Therese Sullivan has captured one of those moments during a session, Smart Building Automation Evolution from Ethernet to Emotion at the recent AHRExpo Atlanta. (Therese Sullivan is the Customer Marketing Leader for Tridium, working to facilitate a two-way conversation between the Niagara Community of Practice and the company. She’s been in this role for eight months and has been a thought leader in the industry for years.)

She explained the importance of the many “Communities of Practice” that are the building blocks of our industry. These CoP are part of how we are Disrupting Disruption and our Automated Intelligence with Autonomous Interactions.

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