Ken Sinclair: Building Emotion Edge-Bots

....A long stand joke in the automation industry is that we are always moving towards or away from centralization our recent journey to put all in the far cloud is over. Security risks are far too great  So fog is the cloud, just one near the action, on the edge.  These edge-bots capable of learning and building emotion are being developed rapidly by creators and makers with low-cost microcomputers.

I see these devices not as new hardware in the field but evolved existing hardware that performs multi-functions such as comfort, lighting, occupancy acknowledgment, and yes the self-learned building emotion near the action, on the edge. Close communication would be via BACnet, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc. The evolved hardware the edge-bot would live near the close edge either in a lighting fixture or an air conditioning terminal close to a power source and would be commissioned and interacted with by various wireless devices. The interaction of the devices would start to define the building emotion for that portion of the building.

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