Ken Brott: RFID and the new carwash equation

Source: „...The growth of RFID and monthly pass plans is creating what we call a “virtuous cycle” in the carwash industry. Our theory of this cycle goes something like this: as more customers see other customers whizzing through an RFID-equipped self-pay station and completing their transactions without even lowering their window, they decide that they want the same time-saving convenience too. This motivates them to join the monthly pass plan themselves, which in turn increases volume even further for the carwash, creating an even more powerful busy site magnet to attract even more new customers.
There is a good reason why RFID monthly pass plans are powering this virtuous cycle: they deliver the kind of fast, convenient and simplified buying experience that today’s busy time-pressured consumers are seeking. Operators who provide customers with the type of experience they want are always more likely to win their long-term business – that’s one part of the successful carwash equation that will never change!”

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