Karen Graham: Google wants to develop and tax 350 acres of Toronto

Alphabet Inc’s Sidewalk Labs unit is proposing it get a share of property taxes, development fees, and the rising value of Toronto city land as part of a deal to build a smart city, according to the company’s slide presentation made public on Friday.

Toronto and its politicians got a real ear-full on Friday when they found out that Sidewalk Labs' small project, a 12-acre plot of land called Quayside with tech-friendly development, actually wants to develop 350 acres and draw profit from sources including higher property taxes and a share of developer fees, the Toronto Star reports.


Sidewalk spokesperson Keerthana Rang said: “We are excited about the proposal that is coming together and we think Torontonians will be too." That remark may be stretching it a bit because the project has already faced opposition from locals over data privacy concerns.


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