Karel Vandenbroucke

Karel Vandenbroucke
Karel Vandenbroucke holds a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences (2013, Ghent University) and is currently working as a researcher at the research group for Media and ICT (MICT), Department of Communication Sciences, Ghent University, Belgium. His main focus lies on Living Lab research, Quality of Experience and end-users' experiences with new technologies such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and (mobile) Human-Computer Interaction.
By applying a multi-method approach consisting of both qualitative and quantitative research methods, Karel wants to stimulate three types of user innovation in IoT :
- Innovation for users: assessing user attitudes
- Innovation with users:  defining user scenarios during and shaping use cases
- Innovation by users: empowering users and encouraging users to be creative, innovative and put forward their ideas
By applying different levels of user involvement, one might profit from a user-based, bottom-up, qualitative approach for the development of future IoT products  and services.