Kai Wagner : Decentralised Identity: What’s at Stake? A Position Paper by the INATBA Identity Working Group

8/01/2021 - 11:48

"This position paper introduces a scenario-based approach to depict possible futures of digital identity in order to contribute to the important debate on how to best govern the new, highly disruptive approach to digital identity: self-sovereign identity.
Unlike other papers that address self-sovereign identity from a technological perspective, this paper emphasises the need to look beyond questions of technical feasibility. It is necessary to address the questions of political and economic power that are emerging alongside the steady adoption of this new identity model.
We do this by introducing the evolutionary steps that have led to the development of self-sovereign Identity, outlining previous promises and analysing the realities that have since emerged. In examining the potential of self-sovereign identity and its anticipated positive effects, we highlight critical questions that will determine whether this form of identity can reach its projected potential. To contextualise this debate, we provide an overview of the four core work areas that currently characterise the discussion on self-sovereign Identity.
Finally, we invite the community to engage in this discussion, which we perceive as an important aspect of our shared responsibility."