Josh Miramant: The 5 Senses of Sensors

21/06/2020 - 08:49

How IoT is able to replicate and manufacture the 5 senses and beyond. Featuring interviews with VANTIQ, Sensome, Pensa Systems, Naked Labs, ​Genki Instruments, Tanvas, and Microshare.
Sensing technology has become so mature that it is now indispensable to modern life as we know it. Advanced sensor networks are used in many different fields and are undergoing continuous development. Due to ​AI technologies​, sensor devices are becoming increasingly intelligent, being able to communicate with one another and develop autonomous behavior. Some even do computing on the edge. By collecting data from homes, buildings, and vehicles, sensors shape a digital version of the environment in which they operate. 


The next phase as Schwartz puts it, will be “roverizing, which achieves scale through substituting what would have been thousands of separate fixed-location sensors or things that had to be collected individually, into one autonomous IoT roving robot that just goes out learns and reports.”