Josh Kampel: Post-CES, Four Questions about the Internet of Things

If you watched the television coverage of CES last week, you probably think that all that the attendees talked about were things like connected refrigerators, bras that monitor your heart rate, and, of course, autonomous vehicles.  You wouldn’t be far off. While the past few years have also showcased unique connected devices (a fork in 2014, a toothbrush in 2015, etc.), the Internet of Things definitely dominated this year across all categories from the home to healthcare to automotive.  As we are now at a point where it seems inevitable that more or less everything will eventually be connected, it raises new security, business, and technical questions that will need to be addressed by manufacturers, network providers, marketers, consumers, and everyone participating in the IoT ecosystem. Here are some thoughts generated by a few days at CES.

via Martin Pot