John Vickers: Technology + Human Ingenuity = The Future

Venture Capitalist Spiros Margaris, the founder of Margaris Advisory, is one of the world’s experts on Fintech and related subjects – No.2 Banking Expert (Klout, July 2017), No. 1 Insurtech Expert worldwide (IPFC, May 2017), No. 2 Fintech Expert worldwide (IPFC, May 2017), No. 1 Fintech Influencer in Germany, Switzerkland, Austria (Fintech Switzerland, April 2017, No. 3 Fintech Influencer (JAX Finance, February 2017), etc. – will be addressing the Cyprus FinTech Expo in November. He spoke to GOLD about how he sees Fintech transforming the financial industry and how the future is not only about technology.

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