John Soldatos: the OpenIoT open source project

On behalf of the OpenIoT consortium we are happy to announce the availability of the OpenIoT open source project, which includes a middleware platform and tools for cloud-based IoT applications. The OpenIoT open source project is available at github, along with accompanying documentation. OpenIoT is an open source blueprint middleware infrastructure for developing and integrating IoT applications and services. By using OpenIoT, integrators and solution providers could gain insights in the development of IoT solutions. Furthermore, researchers and students could use it for learning and understanding the practical aspects of IoT. 
The platform exhibits several  unique properties: 
  • - OpenIoT supports virtually any sensor type available, including  both physical sensors (e.g., cameras) and virtual sensors (e.g., signal processing algorithms, social media streams).
  • - OpenIoT blends IoT with semantic technologies (based on compliance to the W3C SSN ontology). In this way it provides strong interoperability features, along with capabilities for dynamically discovering and using sensors and their data.
  • - OpenIoT is based on proven open source technologies such as EPFL's GSN (Global Sensor Networks) middleware
  • . By using OpenIoT you gain access to an enhanced version of GSN (i.e. X-GSN).
  • - OpenIoT includes several visual tools for solution development and deployment through minimal programming.
  • - OpenIoT supports IoT/Cloud Integration, through integrating  data streams within cloud infrastructures and providing the means for implementing on-demand IoT services. 
  • - OpenIoT is available under a Business Friendly License, thereby facilitating enterprises wishing to use it for solution development/deployment.
Note also that the OpenIoT architecture is a practical instantiation of the  IOT-A / IERC ARM (Architecture Reference Model).
In the coming months we will be actively continuing our work towards improving and enhancing OpenIoT, while we also intend to provide several demos and data sets for experimentation. However, we would be already happy if interested students, researchers and developers from your organizations download/use  OpenIoT, and accordingly provide early feedback to our consortium.  Furthermore, we encourage the above parties to contribute to OpenIoT, through the implementation of new modules and functionalities. 
Feedback and questions about the  OpenIoT open source project can be addressed at: info at
Best Regards,
Manfred Hauswirth (NUIG-DERI), OpenIoT Project Coordinator
Martin Serrano (NUIG-DERI), OpenIoT Project Manager
John Soldatos (AIT), OpenIoT Technical Coordinator

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