John Soldatos: IERC Activity Chain on different naming, addressing and discovery schemes for the Internet-of-Things

This document provides a catalogue of different naming, addressing and discovery schemes for the Internet-of-Things (IoT), notably schemes that are currently researched, validated and used by IERC projects.

As part of this document each of the contributing projects has provided an overview of the addressing and discovery solution(s) that it deploys, along with an assessment of each solution in terms of its migration and scalability.

The various schemes include solutions based on legacy standards, semantic solutions that rely on emerging standards, as well as radically new solutions that focus on new propositions beyond existing and on-going standardizations efforts.

A clustering of the various solutions is also performed on the basis of the different naming and addressing standards that they adopt, as well as on the basis of their semantic power. Despite the heterogeneity of the various schemes, the projects’ solutions feature several commonalities (e.g., the use of naming standards such as URIs/URNs), and reveal certain trends (e.g., the use of semantic web approaches for IoT resource discovery).

The document ends-up recommending areas for further research and investigation. At the same time, it briefly outlines the Activity Chain’s roadmap towards the elicitation and documentation of best practices associated with the deployment and use of the IoT naming, addressing and discovery solutions.

John Soldatos, PhD
Associate Professor - Athens Information Technology
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