John Caulfield: Is the Internet of Things the key to smarter buildings and cities?

CallisonRTKL has been working on a museum project in the Northeast where the Internet of Things (IoT) is part of the conversation about improving the building’s energy and operational efficiency, as well as its visitor and employee comfort.

The client was already on board about connecting sensors that monitor the museum’s MEP and HVAC systems, “and wanted to know how it might benefit more” from interconnectivity, recalls Michael Colburn, Associate and Designer with CallisonRTKL’s Technology Design Studio. So the firm incorporated integrated building technologies into the design. When an employee enters the building and “badges in,” the access control system will adjust the temperature and lighting, as well as raise or lower the shades, in that person’s office. The system also turns on switch-controlled outlets, which are turned off when the employee leaves the building.