Johan Corthouts: Sharing is the new buying. (brought to you buy Internet of Things)

16/03/2014 - 09:29
"Why would you buy a new lawnmower is you can borrow it from someone in the neighborhood? Why would you buy a new drill of you can lend one from your neighbor? Dutch websites like Wij delen are facilitating this. Sites like Thuis Afgehaald make it easy to share food with your neighbors are buy a meal from someone in your street. Autopia helps you to share a car within the neighborhood. This is not a small trend. In the US over 80 million people are sharing goods, 23 million in the UK and 10 million in Canade. These figures come from research from Jeremiah Owyang who claims that „sharing is the new buying.” According to Kris Moonen from Oksigen ecosystem for Social Entrepreneurship; „Products are becoming services. The consumer is no longer paying for ownership but for the length of time of use.” Companies are joining in and facilitate buying second hand. Clothing company patagonia made a partnership with ebay.: „Patagonia, eBay and You: Together, we can reduce our environmental impact.” Filippa K runs a second hand shop in Stockholm. Habitat buys back old furniture and sells them in a vintage store in Paris. BMW has started a program called Drive Now. You pay 31 cents a minute. Just drive. Leasing company Athlon Cars is offering tailor made leasing packages of full personal mobility: electric car, train, and bike.
The Metabo drills of the future, says Kris Moonen, will have a chip that monitors how long and how intensively they are used. You will get a bill accordingly."
De Morgen, March 15, Delen is het nieuwe kopen.