Jing Sun: True Trust In The Internet Of Things Calls For An End-To-End Rethink

23/10/2019 - 09:03

Tech has been in the crosshairs a lot lately. Over the past few years, data privacy scandals swirling around Facebook and Google, as well as countless data breaches of sensitive personal information, have affected almost every American whether they realize it or not. Despite alarming headlines, people have become resigned to this risk as an unavoidable cost of participating in the global information economy. Now, a new threat has emerged that can critically impact not only our digital data, but our physical wellbeing: the devices we rely on to live our daily lives are at serious risk of being hacked. Society now faces a critical question. When the problem evolves from securing our data to securing the physical devices we rely on -- our homes, our cars, crucial medical devices -- how can we protect ourselves?