Jessica Lipsky: Internet of Things to open new opportunities, says Intel exec

Source: „According to Hermann Eul, Intel's VP and GM of mobile and communications, during his DesignCon keynote speech, the pace of change is accelerating and affords engineers with new challenges.
"We are on a journey toward the Internet of Things, the all-pervasive, immersive Internet going into billions and connecting billions and billions of devices," stated Eul. "This trajectory will come to life and be accelerated by your capabilities."
Eul outlined challenges for future chip development, calling each an opportunity for more exciting technology.
"These are opportunities for doing another great engineering job, opportunities for having fun, opportunities for creating a different stage, for pushing the envelope of our capabilities, to create the next big thing."
Chief among opportunities for growth and development is the production of ultra-low-cost, ultra-low-power consuming chips.
"If we can get [power] consumption down by a factor of 10, compute performance up by a factor of 10, we can get cost factor down by a factor of 10, we can ship 10 times as many units. This will be key to differentiation and opportunity for this industry."

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