Jeffrey M. Kaplan : Joining Forces to Harness the Internet of Things

Source: "No one company can provide end-to-end IoT solutions because of the number of piece-parts that comprise a complete IoT supply chain. Therefore, it is essential for the companies that want to play a major role in the IoT marketplace to team with third parties to build a solid IoT ecosystem and acquire other companies that can extend their IoT capabilities.
A rising tide of interest has sparked a series of competitive moves among the widening array of software and technology providers vying for a share of the rapidly expanding IoT market.
As with previous major IT industry trends, the enormous promise has driven a growing number of large and small players to rebrand and reposition their product and service offerings to appeal to the curiosity of potential corporate and consumer customers.
In the same way some of these players "cloudwashed" their legacy products and services to make them relevant with the advent of the cloud, many companies now are suggesting that their remote devices, networking solutions, analytic engines and software applications are perfectly suited to address the new requirements of the IoT."

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