Jason Hannula: The Internet of Things: 'No' Is Not the Answer

Source: "An additional 26 to 50 billion devices are expected to connect to the Internet in the next decade. New forms of online connections will touch all areas of B2C interactions, influencing the entire length of supply chains from production to consumption. As David Roe writes on CMSWire, businesses have recognized that the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to benefit networks in particular, but they are not keeping up with the current pressures on their networks.
This can be partially attributed to an inverted process in which business leaders are the early adopters of connected solutions and expect their firm's IT support to catch up. Additionally, infrastructure budgets are not readily prepared to invest in spare capacity, especially under the restraints of normal business operations.
However, security concerns alone will not stop the IoT from spreading within the business world. Some early devices may lack the minimum security measures necessary to allow them to connect to sensitive or commercial networks, but shutting out the IoT will not work. Just as businesses view limited network capacity as something for IT to solve, security can always progress to accommodate more devices."