The ivee Sleek is the first Wifi voice-activated assistant for the home

8/07/2013 - 13:01
Source: "Interactive Voice has launched a Kickstart campaign today that looks to gain support for its newest Internet-connected device, the ivee Sleek. The ivee Sleek was first unveiled at CES 2013 and has finally made it to the point of crowd funding. The ivee Sleek is the first Wifi voice-activated assistant for the home that answers questions, obeys commands and controls other internet-connected devices.
The Kickstarter campaign is live as of today, and supporters will gain early access to product availability and backer-only updates. Pledge packages range from $1 to $10,000, offering benefits like sample products and free shipping. Retail for the ivee Sleek has a MSRP of $199, but the first 50 supports of the $199 or more pledge will have the added bonus of having their names and bios entered into ivee’s knowledge bank. This means when those 50 pledgers ask any ivee in the world, for example, “who is Mike Norris?” ivee will respond with a short bio of Mike, which will be written by him. For the incredibly wealthy of us out there, the first 5 backers of $10,000 or more will get to experience an all-inclusive 7 day trip and factory tour in Asia. ivee will fly these backers out to meet the ivee team in Hong Kong for dinner and a night on the town. Upon sobering up the next morning, the group will head to Shenzhen to visit the ivee factory and tour the manufacturing floor. These backers will then have a chance to pick any ivee, as she is being made right before their eyes"
thanks Ronen!