IoT World meets in Brazil, São Paulo, 21st-24th May 2013

24/04/2013 - 11:14


A 4 days meet-up in Brazil on Internet-of-Things technologies, interoperability, benchmarking, roadmapping, research, development, business and interdisciplinary.
The FP7-288315 PROBE-IT and the Brazilian IoT Competitiveness Forum invites you, your colleagues and other interested parties, to take-part of a multifaceted activity with experimentation, presentations, debate and demonstrations concerning key aspects of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), in São Paulo (Brazil) from 21st-24th of May 2013.
On May 21st to 23nd, at the CPqD (Centre of Research and Development on Telecommunications) facilities will be held the Interoperability Plugtest, jointly operated by CPqD and ETSI. The plugtest will focus on the RFID technology and observing 3 different scenarios will be exercised: i) Comparative performance of FHSS (used in Brazil) and 4 channel plan; ii) Analysis of the interference between RFID and GSM; iii) Performance evaluation of RFDI technology in logistics using door portals and conveyors. 
On May 23rd, at the Faculty of Medicine will be held the Workshop IoT: Today, Tomorrow and Way Forward, where European experts, practitioners, Brazilian companies and academia will discuss issues related to the Internet-of-Things. Participants will observe elements of current status of IoT focusing on benchmarking of existing IoT deployments worldwide and then foresee the future of IoT via roadmaps addressing especially technological aspects (e.g. Architectures, Interoperability, etc.) and socio-economic dimension (e.g. Business Models, User Acceptance, Privacy, etc.). Additionally, will be presented some mechanism - at different levels, Global, European and Brazilian - to support the IoT move forward. Also, CPqD will do a presentation about Interop plugtest event results.
On May 24th, at the Faculty of Medicine facilities, experts from the European IoT-A project will lead the IoT-A Meet-up tutorial/workshop in which the state-of-art in terms of IoT architectures, reference, domain, information, communication, functional models, use cases and best practices. In addition, a panel on open-source/bottom-up/hacker, artistic and design will be formed with European experts and researchers from the USP's iRIoT and Cidade do Conhecimento initiatives.
During the workshops and also co-located with the bi-annual meeting of ANSP (Academic Network at São Paulo) at the Faculty of Medicine facilities, from May 22nd-24th, a set of Internet-of-Things Demos will be performed exhibiting outstanding solutions and applications of IoT technologies. Demonstrations are to be performed by IoT practitioners from key European and Brazilian IoT-related projects and local Brazilian enterprises that are exploring IoT for supporting smart-applications.
Participation to the activities is free of charge!
"Non ducor, duco" ("I am not led, I lead.", São Paulo City Motto)
'IoT World meets in Brazil' is performed in cooperation with the IoT-A European project, the IoT International Forum, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the Brazilian CPqD, the Internet-of-Things Council, ARTEMIS SIMPLE European Project, EAR-IT European Project, the USP's Cidade do Conhecimento, iRIoT initiatives, Academic Network at São Paulo (ansp) and sponsored by the ITS (Instituto de Tecnologia de Software) and CEITEC S.A. semiconductors.