IoT Week session: Best Practices for involving communities in European IoT projects

Session: One of the crucial points for the success of European Projects is the adoption of technologies and frameworks. While there are dedicated resources for dissemination activities (including mostly participation in exhibitions, conferences and workshops, as well as the deployment of diverse Pilots), it is quite often that Projects fail to create a sustainable community of stakeholders (end users, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.) that uses, maintains and improves the outcomes of the Projects. 
On the other hand, communities and IoT are two notions tightly bound to each other. Thanks to open source hardware and software and the communities of makers and DIYers we have seen the biggest exploitation of IoT technologies in building both open source and commercial projects in the domains of home automation, eHealth and the QuantifiedSelf and the Smart Cities. 
This session aims into bringing together community building and dissemination experts of IoT Projects for discussing the best strategies in actively involving communities in the evaluation and adoption of European Projects.
You are kindly invited to express your input about the community participation in IoT projects using the following form.
Victoria Moreno Cano, Universidad de Murcia, SOCIOTAL (confirmed)
Suzana Nascimento, IPSC | JRC-EC (confirmed)
Francesca Bria, Nesta (confirmed)
Main Speaker
Charalampos Doukas 
Charalampos Doukas is a senior researcher in CREATE-NET, Trento, Italy and works on IoT projects as well as on promoting IoT technologies to communities of makers and developers.